Recently, when reviewing books, I’ve found that my rating system didn’t clearly represent how I truly felt about the book I’d read. 

I’ve been pretty scared of giving any book something under 3 stars because, oddly, that made me feel harsh. So I’ve reevaluated how I view books to give a clearer idea of what I actually felt. 

My star rating system 

1 – Awful, hated it with a fiery passion.

2 – It was alright, wouldn’t recommend it, meh. 

3 – I liked it, a normal novel. Enjoyable. Most common rating. 

4 – Really good, better than the average novel. 

5 – Greatest thing to ever grace my mind, in love with it. 

This was more for me to reference when reviewing books than anything else. I thought I’d share it anyway just to give people a better understanding of what I’m feeling about a novel, from my rating. 

Leave me a comment and tell me how you rate your books! 

Bye for now!