Here’s my book discussion for the second book in the Ruby Red Trilogy, Sapphire Blue. 

Again, I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads and found it to be a fun, quick read. 

There will be spoilers in this review, so be prepared! 

ALSO, how do you all typically rate your books? I use the GR star rating system but haven’t figured out if 3 should be the middle ground (the okay section) or should be considered as unsatisfactory. If I decide on the former, I’ll need to re-rate all of the books I’ve read. 

What do you prefer? Leave a comment! 

Now, on with the Discussion

To explain this book in one word would simply be; Hilarious. 

I was hysterically giggling throughout most of this book, and when the majority of your reading is done on public transport, you end up looking pretty strange, I would imagine. 
First off is Xemerious. I LOVE HIM. I was so excited any time he would pop up, especially when Lesley pointed out that he’d be a brilliant spy. Considering how many fucking secrets are under wraps in this series, I was pretty bloody eager to have him in the mix… if only so he could keep an eye on Gideon. I couldn’t help but wonder what Gideon said about Gwen when she wasn’t around! 

We also meet Robert, the little ghost boy whom I wished Gwen could of had a better conversation with, just to help him move on at least. I’m hoping he gets some sort of closure during the finale, for sure. 

One of my favourite scenes was with Gwen’s Grandfather, Lucas, says that talking about sex is inappropriate at her age…and then she starts eating a banana. I couldn’t even, the whole situation was ridiculous. 

It really got my blood boiling when everyone; Charlotte, Glenda, Lady Arista, the Count, EVERYONE in our little inner circle team would put Gwenyth down and she would simply passively take each and every god damn snide comment. I was so angry. No one showed any confidence or belief in her, not even when she was convinced to sing at the Brompton party and everyone thought she’d be a fool. 
I know somehow, probably by utilising her ability to speak to demons and ghosts, she will prove everyone of those pretentious dough hats wrong. I need the character development to come full circle, please, so she can kick some patriarchal arse. Big time. 
Also, can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that Charlotte upgraded Gwen to school mattress status (internal screaming, rips hair out then eats it). 
Yeah, I’m not loving Charlotte, but because of her petty nature, you can’t help but laugh. She’s such a slimy, manipulative little bitch. But I also felt kind of bad for her, in regards to Gideon’s manipulation of her, as it’s obviously created something that’s very one sided in the way of romantic love.

I’m sure he feels some platonic attachment to her, but it’s pretty sad to know so much of her life has been wasted on something she can never be apart of, not in the way she was intended to be. 

The reason I gave this book 3 stars was mainly due to picking up on the foreshadowing quicker than probably was intended. 

When Gideon was revealed to have been lying about his feelings for Gwen, I really wasn’t surprised. Same with the connection Gwen has with death – the raven magic and the cryptic prophesies all clearly indicate that she’s a bit of a goner. 

I really did love how everything was woven together but I was frustrated that I figured so many things out so quickly. 
I think that when the circle is closed, Gwen will die as a sacrifice for the philosophers stone. Well, that’s my rough theory anyway. 

Nevertheless, there are still many aspects that have got me in the dark. For example, The Green Rider’s secret location. 

I’m super excited to read the conclusion to this series and hope there are more twists and turns to come, ones that I hopefully won’t figure out too early.