Hiya again! I’ve been reading like a mad women recently so here’s another discussion, this time on Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier.
This book focuses on Gwen, a 16 year old Brit with a cousin destined to travel in time. However, despite the predictions, Gwen seems to have inherited the time travel gene instead, thrusting her into a world of complete mystery. 

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads and really enjoyed it, however I wished there had been a little more plot wise to get the story really moving. 

There will be spoilers in this review, so beware! 


I can’t believe this book went so quick! 

The pacing was smooth throughout as the book subtly introduced us to the rules of time travel. Not a lot happened action wise, however we did get introduced to an abundance of characters as well as a fuck ton of mystery. 

First off, I just want to say that it was so refreshing to read a book set in London, a place I’m personally familiar with as it’s where I grew up. The descriptions and how they spoke just made me smile as it’s something familiar, especially compared to a lot of the books I read which typically use American terminology or are set in the US. 

I loooooved Gwen – it was lovely to read about a British protagonist going through the motions of school, like any normal teen. She was heart felt, genuine and I found myself really relating to her. I really enjoyed her ghostly interactions and how regardless of who she was with, she’d talk to the ghosts anyway. It was pretty funny and endearing. 

I think her ability to talk to ghosts is perhaps linked to the ‘Raven’ people keep mentioning, as I’m pretty sure they typically play a part when representing the dead. And as the Ruby, she finished the Circle, perhaps representing the end and death in turn. 

The whole setting for the story was like a warm drop of honey gliding down my spine as I couldn’t help but feel comfort when I was with Gwen and her family. Her ‘Mum’ (I’ll discuss the quote marks in a sec, I have a theory) as well as her Great Aunt Maddy and siblings all made me so happy. And LESLEY, she was such a brilliant, level headed character. 

These members of her family, I think, were the eye at the centre of the storm. They really grounded the story with some realism as the plot gradually became a lot more complicated. And emotionally straining.

By that, I mean all of the mystery shrouding the Count and the whole organisation which is keeping Gwen (and the reader too obvs) painfully in the dark, as well as her cousins shitty attitude and the way everyone keeps putting down her abilities of common sense. It seems that everyone in that fucking organisation thinks that just because she hasn’t had the training, that must mean she’s a complete invalid. What obnoxious asshats. 

Charlotte and her mother were horrendously frustrating in particular and made me want to beat the living shit out of innocent objects. Damn them. 

They treated Gwen like shit from the start and I understand that learning Charlotte wasn’t The Ruby was hard to take, but they thought it was completely acceptable to just keep putting Gwen down again and again. 

I think they need a fucking slap, if I’m honest. I can’t wait for Gwen to shut them up because she will become an ultra bad ass. She will. 

Going back to her ‘Mum’ – I don’t think Grace is her mother, I think Lucy is and Paul is her dad. It makes sense that they were on the run, stayed with Grace and had the baby and then left after. 

AND I think the Count is fucking with Gideon’s head and it’s so corrupted. This whole thing is rigged and Gwen is ganna sort it out. 

I’m not 100% on board with Gideon as the love interest, so I hope he shows his true colours more and we get more interactions between the two in the next book. 

I’ve heard the plot really picks up in Sapphire Blue, so I’m looking forward to getting into it 🙂