Hey, this a spoiler filled discussion on the book Isla an the happily ever after, so you have been warned. 
I gave this book 2 stars on Goodreads and have pretty mixed feelings about it, which is something I’ve felt for all of the books within the triology. 

Comment and let me know if you’ve read any of the books in the triology, would love to discuss! 


Whilst I really loved the beginning of the book, when Isla and Josh were beginning to develop a relationship, by around mid way I started to get pissed off. 
Isla seemed to be crying all the time. The way she had been neglecting and treating Kurt like shit in favour of her new boyf (when she was the one to act all high and mighty about how people don’t give him a chance in the first place) pissed me off to no end. 
She knows how Kurt reacts to things and I felt she was unfair towards him when he told the truth about where she had gone. Josh and Isla fucked up with the whole trip, not Kurt or Hattie (though Hattie was a whiny little bitch ngl). 

It’s all got very melodramatic, something that seems to occur often in each of Perkins’ books within the trilogy, I think. 

Like I feel that everyone outside of Isla and Josh’s romantic bubble was a threat? Like they were both acting as if the world was against them, when no body cared. The school simply asked that they don’t fraternise with one another in the dorms. They didn’t need to skip of to Barcelona to do the do (though the descriptions of the country where brilliantly vivid within my head). They could of just shacked up in a hotel across the street than gone back to their dorms. Like guys, your not the only couple within the school, I’m sure others have managed. Jesus. 

Isla turns into something nasty near the end of the book; she basically turns into a complete self-obsessed idiot. 

The start of the novel I found myself disliking her obsessive tendencies in regards to Josh but it soon feels alright when they actually start building a relationship with one another. It makes sense. 

By the end, however, she feels completely unreal and cruel. She asked for Josh to show her his ugly sides and couldn’t handle it. I understand her upset towards some of the private content within Josh’s graphic memoir, but she acted like a bitch when talking to him about it. She ended up sounding like a whiny brat, just because she wasn’t in it enough and couldn’t handle the fact this this isn’t fiction (something she can comment on and alter) this is a fucking representation of his bloody life. 

She had no right to judge it in the way she did – it’s not for her reading pleasure, it’s his most private piece of work. They were only fully together for a month and she ended up acting completely ridiculous. They both did – acting like Romeo and Juliet ripped apart. I really couldn’t stand the amount of insta love. 

There were some aspects that I really enjoyed, before Isla showed her true selfish colours. 

Josh’s passion for art and the way he and Isla first connected was beautiful. And I love Kurt, he is the sweetest. It was also refreshing that the female lead wasn’t a virgin. 

I also liked the conclusion, where we met up with the other characters again. But it also felt unreal – Anna and St Claire engaged? 

They’re all so young and are about to start their lives in the real world but they all have rich ass families (less so Lola, my B) and are all mirroring one another in these perfect couples. It’s cringey because there’s no effing sense of realism, not with the amount of irrational drama forced in to shake things up. It all feels futile cause we know in the end that are two love interests are probably ganna get together anyway. 

I don’t know. There are definitely aspects of these books that have made my heart swell but at the end of the day, these characters are distant from me. Sometimes they blow small things up too big for me to take them seriously and when they settle again, I’m still in the corner gob smacked that all this ridiculous amount of shit just went down. 

Meh, this books are cool but not brilliant. Pretty over hyped, in my eyes 🙂