1. Books. The murky smell of used paperbacks, burnt brown pages with spines broken to dust. The pristine sharpness of a book fresh off the shelf, pearly and eager to hold their heart out to you. Stories that hold more of your attention than your real life quarrels. I live a double, triple, quadrupedal life through what I consume. I need to feed my imagination. You can be anything, dream anything, go anywhere with the flick of a page. You are never truly alone. Books offer comfort and horror, laughter and melancholy, love and exhilaration. Books are fucking brilliant and that’s why i love them.
  2. I also love green tea, black coffee, water and milkshakes. In particular, banana or chocolate. These are my favourite drinks that keep me and my body at peace.Cheers to that.
  3. Harry Potter. Reference back to no.1 to fully understand that each character is real in every sense. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, after all.
  4. Art. Egon Schiele is a favourite. I love illustrations of women, in particular. Like Sally Nixon’s work, which is wonderful. I often draw from the photos on The Nu Project, which offer a great source of inspiration. Also, it helps me like my body a little more.
  5. Writing. I’m a mumbling, bumbling fool but to release my own ideas, no matter how incoherent, into the world through words is a blessing.



Some things i enjoy, in order to not go completely insane. What about you?